Confetti - Glitter Machines

Would you like to create a spectacular effect that will stay in memory of your guests. A different color and a special sparkle to your event.

In Pyrotex we provide you with this opportunity since we have available cutting edge technology confetti machines for launching confetti.

With high quality confetti paper glitter, non-combustible, waterproof, non-toxic, you will be surely impressed!

With the launch confetti equipment at our disposal we can create a multitude of different effects, depending on the situation, pleasantly surprising and impressing you and your guests.

A jet with confetti may sound simple, but with the latest technology equipment we have it may become the surprise of the evening...

The machinery and confetti cannons that we have can be used in theaters, tents, TVshows, clubs, and it is available in various colors and shapes.

Star Cyprus 2015 Special Effects

Special effects for Dansing for you

Led confetti machine and silver fountains for the first dance