Pyromusical Fireworks Displays

A pyromusical fireworks show is performed when a musical sound track sychronises the fireworks, using a computerized firing system.

Our company can custom design the sound track with the theme of your event creating a unique combination of the fireworks rhythm and the music.

For these pyromusical choreographies we use one of the most advanced electronic wireless system 'COBRA FIRING'. Sychronizing music with fireworks is accomplished through a cutting edge technology software program,which determines the exact timing of the fireworks,with an accuracy of 1/100 of a second. 

NOTE:A pyromusical show should not be confused with a traditional show which is accompanied by music.Musical accompaniment will add to a traditional show,but it is not comparable to a Pyromusical show. 

Pyromusical fireworks show

Pyromusical fireworks show

Pyromusical fireworks show

Cyprus Fireworks show

Cyprus Spectacular Fireworks Show