Dry Ice

One of the most widespread methods for the production of special smoke effects worldwide. It is based on the dry ice! The Dry ice is the solid form of Carbon Dioxideat - 78.5 � C in the form of snow.

Dry ice on contact with hot water followed by a particular chemical reaction results in the creation of a whitewashed dense smoke, heavier than air the atmosphere which settles to the ground and hugging surfaces like a fine white cloud.

The fog machine from dry ice produces a vast amount of low smoke streaming. The dry ice smoke is odorless, does not contain any chemical substance and leaves no residue.It can be used with great success in the first dance of the newlyweds creating aa dream and fairy tale setting with romantic mood, but also simple and unassuming.

In combination with the cold flame effects or launching confetti proper time will surely cause surprise all attendees and will pleasantly remember your first dance for the rest of your life.

Taking advantage  to the most of the properties of dry ice we can use it in the pool, for fountains, for Champagne buckets, for wedding or birthday cakes, for food or beverage presentations creating a truly amazing effect.